Des Moines Area Dog Walking

The Importance of Walking Your Dog

Life happens and you get busy. We understand! That’s why we offer dog walking services, so you don’t have to feel guilty about your pup being cooped up all day. This can eliminate unwanted behavior from your dog due to stress and boredom.

Exercising Your Pet

Just like us humans, dogs thrive with exercise, but sometimes need a push. They get used to their own yards, so even when they head outside, they typically aren’t finding the stimulation they need to play. With regular walks, they enjoy the sensory stimulation they need, get to stretch their legs with exercise, and (of course) go potty.

What To Expect with Stylin’ Paws Dog Walking

Whether your dog has had a dog walker before or it’s their first time, you want to make sure they’re comfortable with the situation. This is why our petcare professionals will meet you and your dog in person, on their territory (in your home). During this complimentary 45-minute meet-and-greet, we will discuss with you which dog walking option will best suit you and your pup.

Customizable Dog Walks

Each of our walks includes a potty break, fresh water fill, and playtime offered in varied time increments. But dogs are not one-size-fits all, so no dog walking service should be either! We have plans to suit dogs of all ages and energy levels, varying in length and intensity. Your dog may have favorite park or neighborhood to visit and we want to take them there! Our goal at the end of each walk is that your dog is happy, relaxed, and stress-free and we do so by providing ethical, knowledgeable, attentive pet care to each of our clients.

Pup Updates

It’s natural to want to know how your dog is doing throughout the day. You will get reports on how your dog did after each visit. Plus, you’ll receive photos at the end of each walk, so you can see how much fun your dog had!

Our Safety Rules

We vow to put your dog’s safety first. For this reason, your dog must be leash-trained and will remain on a leash for the full walk/run. We may also need to adjust their walk schedule due to extreme temperatures or storms. Additionally, we do not condone outdated punishment reinforcement tactics and may suggest other collar options that are most suitable to your dog’s needs.

Book Dog Walking Today

We can’t wait to meet you and your dog! Learn more about our dog walking service and how to subscribe today.

Stylin’ Paws Dog Walking Pricing


15 minutes
Best for seniors and puppies
  • $15 per walk (or $210 with monthly subscription)
  • Potty Break
  • Short Walk
  • Water Refill
  • Visit Report with Photos


30 minutes
Best for dogs 7 to 12 months and 4- to 10-years-old
  • $20 per walk (or $315 with monthly subscription)
  • Potty Break
  • Standard Walk
  • Water Refill
  • Visit Report with Photos


45 minutes
Best for dogs 1- to 4-years-old
  • $27 per walk (or $420 with monthly subscription)
  • Potty Break
  • Long Walk
  • Water Refill
  • Visit Report with Photos

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We’re excited to hear how we can make your dog’s life and yours even better. Whether you’re interested in touring our facility, booking an appointment, or simply learning more, please feel free to contact us today.
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